Some of The Best Mountain Biking Towns in Colorado

There is a reason why the hails Colorado as one of the most bicycle-friendly states in 2016. It has amazing biking trails, which it owes to the presence of the magnificent Rockies, which cut across the state. The diverse terrain are out to grab the attention of bikers, newbies and pros alike. Check these places out next time you need a cool place to ride mountain bikes.


This small town is known as a famous destination for mountain bikers. Even ordinary hikers love this humble town located between two equally famous towns Gunnison and Crested Butte. Near Almont is Doctors Park, where you can course through the famous 19.5 mile trail.


Home to roughly five thousand people, this town is popular for its winter ski resorts and summer biking trails. Lake Dillon, which sits nearby, offers an excellent venue for boating and rafting enthusiasts. The Colorado Trail is also near Breckenridge. This trail is popular among biking enthusiasts all over the country and is visited by tourists every year for its awesome opportunities for both beginners and advanced riders. It stretches for 500 miles from Denver to Durango. It passes near Breckenridge, so those who are around can easily get access to this amazing trail. Prepare to see magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains as you ride along.


Bikers love Fruita not only for its grandeur for its popular biking trails. This town basically has a dry climate, but which lends itself to pleasant outdoor activities. In fact, road biking can be fun in such a sunny town. More adventurous bikers should go see the North Fruita Desert trail system and Kokopelli Trailhead region. Then you have the Zippity Do Dah’s 18 Road Trail, which gives you access to the an awesome terrain that you shouldn’t miss if you’re in Fruita. According to many people who have coursed through this trail, it’s best to be on it during the late hours of daylight, when the sun casts a golden glow on the landscape.


The state capital does have something to offer for mountain biking enthusiasts. Head west and see the famous Colorado Trail, which has been mentioned earlier. As you know, this trail passes by a number of towns in the state. You may want to start off in the morning to avoid thunderstorms that usually happen in the afternoon. Start the adventure on Kenosha Pass. It’s 90 minutes away from the metropolis. Enjoy views of aspen groves and lush pine tree forests. Then kiss the sky at Georgia Pass summit. Needless to say, Denver is a great place for mountain bikers. It offers a lot of recreational opportunities for regular cyclists. The city’s main roads opens up to hundreds of trails for mountain bikers.

Crested Butte

The wildflower capital of Colorado is a destination for numerous outdoor activities, such as skiing and mountain biking. A well-known singletrack in the town is Trail 401. If you’re a mountain biker and you’re in Crested Butte, you ought to check out this trail. Head off to Copper Creek trailhead and course through the dirt road to Schofield Pass, from which you’re only a little over a mile away from the breathtaking alpine meadow. Then brace yourself for an adventurous way down. It’s an ecstatic ride!

There are many other towns to check, such as Aspen, Salida, and Durango. In fact, a lot of places in Colorado offer unique opportunities for mountain bikers and cyclists.

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