What About Humanism?

As someone who grew up in the South, I have a lot of friends and family who believe that religion – specifically Christianity- is the only way, no matter what you are talking about or what the scenario. What I find most interesting about them, and people like them, is that they fail to recognize when this thought pattern actually is destructive in ways that hurt others. It is almost like is does not matter to them if they are hurting someone else as long they are are following the Bible because if the other people getting hurt were following the Bible then they would not be in their firing path, so to speak.

This is really sad to me because why can’t we all just focus on humanism first and then let the chips fall where they may. And I am not saying that people cannot have their religion, but that I just wish that they would take stock of the times when they are using it as an excuse to hurt others.

Instead, we should all place the most value on human beings on focus on being better as humanity as a whole and not just one religion and its followers being better than another’s. ┬áThe American Humanist Association focuses on this idea of being good people without needing a God to scare us all into being good out of fear of going to hell or the like.

I mean, I guess part of the problem here is that not ALL people are intrinsically good at heart, but I do believe that there is a strong leaning for most all people to be good. Sure, there are the few that need scared by organized religion to be good and those that nothing can scare into being good – but those are the minority. And if we all worked together to focus on all of us being better together, then imagine the things that we could do. Greatness. That is what could happen. I know that this sort of thing will never be the norm, but it is a good thing to dream about sometimes, huh?

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