Sometimes You Should Feel Guilty

I have a friend who decided that it was a good idea to have a bit of an affair with a married man. How I have managed to be friends with someone who could partake in such despicable behaviour is really a puzzle to me. What is worse about this particular event is that she has also decided to become friends with the wife of the man she is having the affair with. To me, this is some truly twisted behaviour because not only should you feel terrible about cheating with someone who is married but to go and be friendly with the wife of that person is even more reprehensible.

When asked about this atrocious situation that she has gotten herself into, she simply responded that she has no regrets. Zero. That is correct – where she should feel hella guilty, she feels nothing. It is almost like she thinks that she was owed this guy by the universe, nevermind the fact that she is acting so horribly as a human being. What is most interesting about people who act like this is that you just know that if the tables were turned that she would not be very happy if she discovered that the new friend she’d made was sleeping with her boyfriend behind her back – and was doing so before they became friends.

The interesting thing about this scenario for me is that it shows just how important it is that people feel some guilt when they do terrible things. I mean, what kind of person can do these things and not feel even an ounce of guilt? I mean, really? After looking into this sort of thing online, it appears that a narcissist is the type of person who feels no remorse for their actions that hurt people, but she really does not fit the rest of the traits of that type of person. That being said, going forward I will make sure to only associate myself with people who are capable of feeling guilt when they do terrible things – even if it is only after the fact.

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