Visiting North Carolina’s Desert

If someone had told me that there is a desert in the state of North Carolina, then I likely would’ve laughed hysterically. But it turns out that it is true!

Recently, I took a little trip over to the Outer Banks area of the state just to check it out since I’d never been. And while I was over there, I discovered that there was a sand dune park. It is actually a state park and it the tallest natural sand dune system in the Eastern United States. How freaking cool is that?

It is free to visit and wander around, so I did just that. What is really weird about it that you have this desert just sitting near the coast of North Carolina. I mean, who thinks of a desert when they think of North Carolina? I certainly know that is not where my mind goes, well, I mean now it does, but not before then.

The interesting thing about visiting the sand dune state park in the Outer Banks is that the temperature on the sand dunes is a good 10 degrees warmer than away from the sand dunes. So, you have to really plan your visit there when it is a little cooler so that you do not get scorched just trying to check out this super cool desert near the sea.

Check out the photo below of some other people visiting the sand dune park. It appears to be taken sometime around sundown, so it looks pretty cool. It is still hard to believe that this desert is located in this southern state!

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