Seeing A Concert At Theater At Madison Square Garden

I recently went to my first concert at Madison Square Garden, except that it wasn’t in the big arena that you see on TV. Instead, it was at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Yup, a much smaller venue, but better for concerts than an arena if you ask me.

Well, getting into MSG was quite the experience. It was much like going through airport security! Before you can walk up the steps to enter the building, someone asks you to take off your hat (it was cold when I was there) and unzip your coat. Then, you have to spread your arms out, like at the airport. They wand you from the front and the back. Then, you get to go through the doors.

Once inside, someone has to look through your handbag. After that is done, you get your ticket scanned and get in line to ride the escalator up to enter the theater. When you get to the top, you walk down a long corridor where an employee is yelling for you to stay to the sides. At the end of the corridor is a snack bar, restrooms and entrances to the theater.

The theater itself is nice enough, seating is comfortable enough. If you are lucky enough to be seated on the floor on the stage left area then you are super close to the lower restrooms. This is great for quickly taking a bathroom break and not missing anything on the stage. And you just might see one of the performers over by the restrooms since they seem to use those ones. That is a kind of cool part of this theater.

And when the show is over, they open the side exits and you get right out on the street instead of having to walk back through the venue, which is nice.

The worst thing about seeing a show here are the prices at the snack bar. You have to pay $5.25 for a bottle of water AND they keep the cap so that you cannot reseal it! So, you have to hold it the entire show or set it down and hope that no one kicks over your expensive bottle of Dasani.

I prefer other concert venues, but I wouldnt be opposed to seeing a show here again if I had to do so.

Want to know the concert that I saw at the theater? Check out the video below for more info!

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