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Yotel NYC

Yotel NYC exterior

I finally got a chance to stay at the Yotel hotel in NYC this week. I’ve actually made reservations there on more than one occasion in the past, but I’ve always ended up canceling them due to finding a better deal at another hotel. But this time, they were the cheapest for the time period, probably because I’d booked a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal that gave me a rate of only $179 per night.

It is worth noting that this hotel is listed as “Times Square West” on pretty much every travel site, but that is not exactly truthful. Okay, technically, the hotel is west of Times Square at 42nd St. However, it is way far far – all the way over at 10th Ave., which is past the Port Authority bus terminal. This means that you have quite a walk from Times Square to the hotel, and you walk through what are some less populated areas.

Now, I’m definitely not saying that this isn’t a safe area. What I am saying is that some people might not feel safe walking back to the Yotel at night. This is just something to think about if you are the type of person that gets scared easily in big cities.

So, onto the review!

The check-in process at the Yotel NYC is a traveler’s dream! There are a bunch of kiosks in the lobby and you just check yourself in. That’s it. Then, you get on the elevator and ride up to floor FOUR. This is where the actual lobby of the hotel is located, but you can just take a right out of the elevators to the other bank of elevators that will take you up to your room. You do have to use your room keycard to get these elevators to work.

The rooms are small, but that is expected. They are perfectly functional though, which is all that matters. My biggest complaints are that the bed feels like you’re sleeping on a park bench with a sheet over it and (like most hotels) they have a lock on the thermostat so that you cannot put it to your preferred temperature. It was around 19 degrees (brr) when I was there and the room would not warm past 72 degrees. Normally this would be fine for me, but the large window by the bathroom was quite drafty and it most definitely was not 72 degrees in that area of the room – try showering in that! Brr!

I did love that each floor has a galley with free coffee, water, ice and hot water. There is also a microwave and mini-fridge in there. Definitely saved me a lot on bottled water and coffee.

Overall, it was a decent stay for the price.

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