Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar – Yum!

I am always on the lookout for tasty snacks that are 100% organic as I do not want to eat any conventional packaged food. My diet is pretty much 100% organic, which is why I want my snacks to be the same. One of the big things that I miss since going organic a few years ago is… the delicious chocolatey goodness of a brownie.

Sure, you can buy an organic brownie mix and make up your own batch of chocolate treats. But sometimes you just want to be able to pick up one when you’re out somewhere, right? Plus, making a batch of organic brownies is a wee bit time consuming and I am not at all interested in that.

So, I was really stoked when I saw the Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie bar on the shelf at my local Earthfare grocery store. I picked one up to give it a try – I should’ve bought more! It was so good!

Sometimes when you get something that is supposed to be a sweet treat that is labeled as natural or organic, then you end up with a food item that in no way resembles what it is masquerading as. That is not true with this little bar. It definitely tastes like a chocolate brownie with nuts. Sure, the texture isn’t exactly like the brownie that you’re used to, but it does remind me a lot of those Little Debbie Cake brownies that I used to eat as a kid.

The only other flavor of these bars that I’ve tried is the Banana Coconut. It is pretty good, but not as great at the Chocolate Brownie bar. So. if you’re considering trying just one of flavors in this line of bars, then the brownie bar gets my vote.

Once of the things that I just love about these is that they are packed with omega 3s and protein. In fact, I usually take a couple of these with me on hikes to give me a quick energy boost once I start slowing down and getting tired.

Kids also seem to love these, at least my nephew does. So hey, if they are kid approved then they are good enough for everyone, right? I suggest that you give one of these bars a try and see if you agree with me that they are kind of like the Little Debbie brownies. (they so are! you’ll see!)

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